Truman Lake  March 30, 2014

Team                                         Total Wt/Big Crappie
David Cox/Beck                             10.21/1.61
Rogers/Rogers                                 9.94/1.53
German/German                              9.70/1.95
Graham/Ross                                   9.21/1.55
Haidusek/Blocker                             9.13/1.47
Danny Drew/Brandon                       8.52/1.47
Beckwith/Lynn                                  8.37/1.69
Corbitt/Bailey                                    8.30/1.61
Morstorf/Breitenstein                        6.89/1.12
Wall/Wall                                          6.35/1.15
Snodgrass/Rawie                             ------------
Wilson/Hartley                                  ------------
Thomas/Meachum                           ------------

The Classic Clinton Nov. 2 & 3
The 2013 Kansas Crappie Trail's season came to a close Sunday Nov. 3rd with the annual two day Classic tournament, For the second year in a row it was held at Clinton Reservoir near Lawrence, KS.

The first day of the tournament started with cold temperatures and intermediate winds that were not a problem for most anglers but the winds did increase as the day went on and caused some anglers tougher fishing at their locations. So with the wind not a major factor and the temperatures increasing quickly as the day went on things were looking good for the anglers as long as the fish cooperated. But the fish didn't seem to be in the mood as many teams couldn't put together 7 ten inch or larger crappie. Clinton's big crappie were hard to find and even harder to catch as the weights showed as teams stepped to the scales. But as is almost always the case a team or two cracks the code and figures out where and how to catch them.

On day one the team of Ryan & Howard German took the lead with 7.88 lbs. The team said they didn't catch a lot of keepers on day one but what they did catch were quality fish. The team had a fairly commanding lead with the second place team of Jim Bybee & Bob Thomas from Benton, KS a ways back with 6.66 lbs.The rest of the field was over 2 lbs out of contention but not giving up, with very few keepers being caught and big fish at a premium every angler knew it was anybodys tournament on day two.

With forecast predicting stronger winds and cooler morning temperatures on day 2 most anglers were crossing their fingers that the forecast would be wrong. But the predicters pretty much nailed the forecast and the wind blew extremely hard for almost the whole day. As the day went on Anglers got pushed off their fishing grounds and were forced to find new areas to fish in hopes they could make those areas produce. As the teams started to weigh-in on day 2 it looked as though some of the teams with low weights on day one were starting to figure the fish out and were coming in with more keepers and slightly larger crappie than day 1.

On day 2 the team that made the biggest improvement on their weigh bag was the Lawrence, KS team of Mike & Eric Schrock after catching only 2 keepers on day one and weighing in 2.73 lbs and being in 11th place, the team caught their limit on Sunday and weighed in 8.65lbs to move to the lead with a total of 11.38 lbs. After that it was left up to the teams of Bybee/Thomas & German/German to knock them out of first place Bybee/Thomas had a day one weight of 6.66 lbs. but could only catch 5 keepers on day 2 but had 3 really nice fish including a 1.66 pounder that nearly took over the Big Crappie and weighed in a total bag of 6.12 lbs. on day 2, for a 2 day total of 12.78 lbs. to take the lead. With only the team of German/German yet to weigh-in. The leaders from day one had a limit of fish but seemed a uneasy as they walked to the scale needing only 4.91 lbs. to win. As the team loaded the weigh basket it became apparent that their worries were unwarranted as they came through for the second year in a row and took the Kansas Crappie Trail Classic Trophy with a second day weight of 5.81 lbs. for a total of 13.69 lbs to win. The team also took home the Big Crappie award with a 1.70 lb. Crappie. The Louisburg, KS team earned $1,350.00 for their 2 days work. Congratulations to them on repeating as Kansas Crappie Trail Classic Champions. The Benton, KS team of Jim Bybee & Bob Thomas came in second to take home $650.00 and the Lawrence, KS team of Mike & Eric Schrock took home $410.00 for their third place finish. Congratulations to these teams and to all teams who showed up and competed under some extreme fishing conditions.

The 3rd place team fished in the timber in 6 to 15 ft. of water catching their fish aon black/chartreuss & black/yellow Top Secret Flap Jacks.

The 2nd place team fished Timber also in 2 to 10 ft. of water and caught their fish on blue/chartreuss Top Secret Flap Jacks with 1/8 oz. jig heads. The team said their 1.66 pounder came off a stump in 2 ft. of water.
The winning team said they also fished timber in 6 to 10 ft. of water using 1/4 oz. red/chartreuss & green/chartreuss twin turd tail jigs by the Gone Fishing Bait Co tipped with Bobby Garland Scent Wigglers.

The team points standings finished with the Topeka, KS team of Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein winning the title and $700.00. The team had great consitency all year finishing in the top 5 in 9 out of 11 tournaments which included 1-1st place, 3-2nd places, 1-3rd place, 3-4th places, 1-5th place finishes. Congratulations on your season.

The team of Eric & Mike Schrock caught the biggest crappie of the year a 2.10 lb. Crappie out of El Dorado and recieved that fish mounted by Kens Taxidermy out of Topeka, KS. Nice Fish!

Don Beckstrom from El Dorado was voted Rookie of the Year. Don had many struggles through the year but still managed to make it to 10 of 12 tournaments fishing most of those 10 alone on waters he had never previously beeen on. Don slept in his truck on many occasions at many locations and showed that he will be holding one of those checks sometime soon. Don also recieved a Crappie mount from Kens Taxidermy. Congratulations and Thanks Don for all you brought to our tournaments we think you earned everyones respect.

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of our sponsors for their great contributions through out the season BnM Pole Co. for their $150's of gift certificates for each tournament. Gone Fishing Jigs for their assorted Jig packs that were given away at each tournament. Crappie Pro for their seemingly endless number of Jig Heads and Wasshoppers that we gave away all season. Bobby Garland Baits for their product giveaway bags for every tournament. Top Secret Bait Co. for their Jig Pack giveaway bag at every tournament and help in sponsoring the winners plaques at each tournament and his support with coming to the tournaments. Ken's Taxidermy for his mounts for Anglers of the Year and Rookie of the Year and his support with coming to the tournaments. Sunshine Home Improvement & Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey for their monetary donation that helped feed the contestants all season. The Bait Hut, Topeka, KS for their help with the winners plaques for each tournament. Partners Printing & Copying, Inc. Loisburg, KS for their donation of time and printed materials.

Final Results                                                   2 Day Total Weight/Big Crappie
1. German/German                                                                 13.69/1.70
2. Bybee/Thomas                                                                   12.78/1.66
3. Schrock/Schrock                                                                11.38/1.51
4. Beckwith/Lynn                                                                    10.45/1.49
5. Polter/Eustice                                                                       9.61/-- --
6. Beckstrom/Larson                                                                          9.18/1.24
7. McKellips/Kirk                                                                       9.16/.92
8. Cross/Simmons                                                                     8.56/-- --
9. Manis/Manis                                                                          7.89/-- --
10. Morstorf/Breitenstein                                                            7.57/1.33
11. Wall/Wall                                                                             5.53/1.06
12. Graham/Ross                                                                       3.85/.82
13. Purdum/Crai                                                                         1.20/1.20
14. Ross/Ross                                                                            -- --/-- --
15.Haidusek                                                                                -- --/-- --

Congratulations to Mike and Eric Schrock for their $410.00. third place winning!!!
Perry October 20, 2013

The last regular season tournament of 2013 Kansas Crappie Trail season came to a close Sunday Oct. 20th and while the weights did not improve much for the winning teams the quantity of fish caught by most teams did increase dramatically, it was jusrt hard to find the good ones or even keeepers. Perry has no shortage of small crappie and I'm sure the big ones are around but they were hard catch on Sunday.

But a couple teams found some pretty nice fish and it paid off for them. Taking first place was the Topeka, KS team of Terry Kirk and Alan McKellips with a weight of 7.42 lbs. the team said they fished anywhere from 3 to 20 feet of water and the color of jig did not seem to matter. They said that they probably caught about 30 keeper sized fish and lmost of them were found on structure of some kind. The team had a good day and they earned $707.00 for their work. Congratulations!

The second place team was the team of Neil Purdum & Joe Crai. The team weighed in 6.73 lbs. It was the teams first Kansas Crappie Trail tournament this year and they won $360.00 for their efforts congratulations gentlemen. Hope to see you at the classic.

This years Anglers of the Year were Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein. The team had a very consistent season and reeled in almost $700.00 for their Angler of the Year award. Congratulations!

The Kansas Crappie Trail has one tourny left and that will be the 2013 Classic at Clinton Reservoir near Lawrence, KS. on Novembe 2nd & 3rd. The payouts will be increased but for members the cost is the same as the regular season tournaments. If you are not a member you can fish the Classic the cost for non-member teams to fish in the Classic is $175.00. Hope to see everyone there!

Perry Final Results                             Total Wt. / Big Crappie
1. Kirk & McKellips                                        7.42/1.20
2. Purdum & Crai                                           6.73/1.31
3. Polter & Eustice                                         6.42/1.31
4. Edwinson                                                   6.08/1.28
5. Skinner & Huntsman                                  5.59/1.12
6. Graham & Ross                                         5.59/.94
7. Tryon & Brooks                                          5.49/1.05
8. Beckwith & Lynn                                        5.39/1.15
9. Cross & Simmons                                      5.31/1.01
10. Morstorf & Breitenstein                             5.19/.85
11. Wall & Wall                                              4.93/.80
12. Burnette & Richardson                              4.34/.82
13. Manis & Hutley                                         3.69/1.14
14. Fangman & Dody                                     3.00/1.00


Melvern October 6, 2013

Tournament #10 of the Kansas Crappie Trail season took place at Melvern Reservoir this past Sunday. And the fishing continues to be tough aparentaly on all Kansas waters right now and this tournament was no exception. It is officially the movie Ground Hog Day on the Kansas Crappie Trail.

Two teams weighed in a limit of crappie and took first and second place. The first place team was the Carbondale, KS of Steve Cross and Doc Simmons with 6.76 lbs. The team said they caught their fish in less than 5 ft. of water and the bites were very slow in coming with black and yellow jigs being their best color. The team earned $430 for their efforts.

The second place team was the team of Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein of Topeka with 5.91 lbs. and the team also brought home the big crappie prize with a 1.13 lber the team earned $265 total for their work on Sunday. The team also clinched the angler of the year points championship with their finish. Congratulation!

The Kansas Crapiie Trails next tournament will be October 20th at Perry Reservoir launch will be at the State Park East Boat Ramp. Launch at approx. 7:00 am Weigh-in at 3:30 pm. Hope to see you there.

Melvern Final Results

Cross/Simmons                              6.76/1.07
Morstorf/Breitenstein                      5.91/1.13
Beckwith/Lynn                                3.05/ ----
Graham/Ross                                 1.99/ .83
Manis/Manis                                   1.85/.70
Wall/Wall                                         1.28/.75
Burnett/Richardson                         1.12/ ----
Beckstrom/Larson                            ---- / ----

Council Grove September 22, 2013

My appologoes for the late posting of results for Council Grove, had I won they would have been posted immediately.

Tournament #9 of the Kansas Crappie Trail took place at Council Grove Reservoir just North of the City of Council Grove, Kansas. Although I here of big fish and big weights coming out of Coucil Grove I have not yet experienced such success there. It was once again a tough bite for the Kansas Crappie Trail anglers as many teams failed to catch their seven fish limits and many of those who did catch their limits could not catch fish with any size as the final results will bear.

Although most teams struggled a couple teams did manage to come away with some quality fish and should be commended for their abilities on a tough day. The winning team was the Topeka, KS team of Scott & Joey Wall with a weight of 6.80 lbs. and the team also had the big crappie for the tournament with a 1.36 lb. slab. This is the teams first year fishing in the Kansas Crappie Trail and they are proving to be quick learners with their first victory at a lake they had not previously fished. The team said they caught their fish at the dam in anywhere from 8 to 12 ft. of water color did not seem to make much difference. They said that they would look for abnormalties on the bottom with fish on them and then would fish that area harder and said generally would catch a fish. The team left Council Grove with $482.00 more than what they came to town with. Congratulations!

The second place team was the veteran crappie tournament team of Steve Cross & Doc Simmons. The team weighed in 5.93 lbs of crappie and said they also fished the dam with about the only difference in how they fished compared to the winners was that they fished in about 13 ft. of water most of the day. The team collected $207.00 for their efforts. Congratulations!

Next up for the Kansas Crappie Trail is Melvern Reservoir Oct. 6. Hope to see you there.

Council Grove Final Results                                      

1. Wall & Wall                                              6.80/1.36
2. Cross & Simmons                                   5.93/1.24
3. Beckwith & Lynn                                      5.87/1.01
4. Morstorf & Breitenstein                          4.66/-- --
5. Bybee & Thomas                                    3.62/.95
6. Graham & Ross                                      3.61/.72
7. Burnett & Richardson                             3.01/1.08
8. Coats & Peterson                                   2.45/1.20
9. Beckstrom                                               -- --/-- --
Fall River September 8, 2013

Tournament #8 of the Kansas Crappie Trail took place at Fall River Reservoir in southeast Kansas. With the weather getting hotter each day leading up to the tournament breaking the century mark on the thermometer was a real possibility, and crappie anglers know it adds stress to fish in the livewell and keeping them alive can be almost as big a challenge as catching them. Addin to the headaches for the anglers was the fact that the lake had been 15 feet high less than 2 weeks ago and the Corp had just finished aggresively dumping water and had it at near normal pool by tournament time and this being the first tournament ever at for the Kansas Crappie Trail at Fall River many anglers were in unfamiliar waters and struggled to catch their 7 fish limit.

When the bite gets tough its always nice to be in somewhat familiar waters and it showed as two fairly local teams finished first and second with nearly identicle weights with the team of Vince Coats of Potwin, KS and Lane Peterson of Marion, KS eeking out a victory by the slimmest of margins over the Benton, KS team of Jim Bybee and Bob Thomas. The Coats & Peterson team had a total weight of 8.70 lbs. and the Bybee & Thomas team had a weight of 8.69 lbs. to lose by 1/100th of a pound. Adding to their Victory the team of Coats/Peterson also took home the Big Crappie award with a nice Black Crappie that tipped the scales at 1.88 pounds not to bad for their first ever crappie tournament, could be the start of something who knows. Both the first and second place teams said that they caught most of their bigger fish up in the river after 12 o' clock the winners said that their bigger fish came on minnows and Bobby Garland Baby Shad in 10ft. of water under big trees I can't remember the color right now but I will let you know later. The 2nd place team said they caught their fish on Top Secret Jigs with Blue/Chartruess Flap Jacks being their favorite color on the day.

The winning team brought home $505.00 for their first first place finish and $100 for their Big Crappie Prize. The second place team brought home $265.00 for second and little heartache for the slim margin they lost by. Congratulations to both teams on a job well done on a hot and tough day of fishing especially in the river. Next stop for the Kansas Crappie Trail is Coucil Grove on September 22 Hope to see you there

Final Results for Fall River

1. Coats & Peterson                                                 8.70/1.88
2. Bybee & Thomas                                                  8.69/1.66
3. Morstorf & Breitenstein                                        8.09/1.50
4. Graham/Ross                                                       7.98/1.56
5. Manis/Manis                                                          7.48/-- --
6. Wall/Wall                                                               6.84/1.65
7. Beckstrom/?                                                         6.71/1.41
8. Kirk/McKellips                                                       4.44/-- --
9.Polter/Eustice                                                        4.26/-- --
10. Beckwith/Lynn                                                     -- --/-- --
Tuttle Creek August 18, 2013

Tournament #7 of the Kansas Crappie Trail took place at Tuttle Creek reservoir in Manhatten, Kansas Sunday Aug. 18th with nearly perfect weather conditions with air temps. in the low to mid 80's and water temps in the mid 70's and light 5 to 10 mph winds.

Although the temperature was perfect the fishing was tough with many teams not weighing in and other teams barely getting their limits of 7 10 inch or better crappie the weights were less than desireable for most of the teams in the tournament.

Lynn Beckwith and Danny Lynn of Ozawkie & Topeka, KS won their second tournament of the 2013 season with a weight of 8.07 lbs. The team said they fished 10-15 foot of water looking for small 1 to 2 ft. drops and when they would mark a fish or two on their locator they would toss a marker buoy and would usually be able to catch the fish they would mark but said the fish were very scattered and that they would usually only catch a single fish move along the break mark another fish and go through the process again. The team said they used Rocky Top Baits with 1/4 & 1/8 oz. jig heads with White/Chartreuse & Blue/Chartreuse being the best color combinations. The team won $707.00 dollars. Congratulations!

The Topeka, KS team of Ken & Brandon Manis took home second place with 6.58 lbs. The team said that they fished brush & drops in 8-12 ft. of water using 1/4 oz. jig heads with Top Secret Baits Green/Chartreuse & Black/Chartreuse being their most consistent colors. They cashed a check for $364.00. Congratulations!

Two veteran crappie tournament fisherman took home the Big Crappie check eeking out a one one hundreth of a pound victory with a 1.37 lb. crappie. Shawn Edwinson of Lawrence, KS & Tim Martin of Overland Park said they caught their fish in 10-20 ft. of water fishing drops and brush also using 1/4 oz. jigs and said that anything and chartreuse seemed to work for them. The team took home a check for $140. Comgratulations!

Next tournament is Fall River on Sept. 8 Hope to see you there!

Tuttle Creek Final Results                                      Total Wt./Big Crappie

1. Lynn Beckwith & Danny Lynn                                    8.07/1.29
2.Ken & Brandon Manis                                                 6.58/1.36
3.Dan McAfee & Alan McKee                                         6.47/1.31
4.Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein                            6.17/.97
5.Scott & Joey Wall                                                        6.01/1.34
6.Shane Eustice & Dennis Polter                                   5.86/1.20
7.Greg Graham & Ruth Ross                                         5.67/1.14
8.Shawn Edwinson & Tim Martin                                   3.98/1.37
9.Don Beckstrom & Bradley Nelson                                .96/.96
10.Bill Sellers & Greg Nelson                                          .78/.78
--.Eric & Mike Schrock                                                       --/--
--.Alan McKellips & Terry Kirk                                            --/--
--.William & John McGuire                                                  --/--
--.Ryan Harman & Justin Bayes                                         --/--
Congratulations to Lynn and Danny!!! 
Congratulations to Ken and Brandon!!!
Congratulations to Shawn and Tim!!! 
Pomona Lake June 9, 2013

Tournament #6 of the Kansas Crappie Trail is in the books and although the wind picked up to ridiculous speeds by the end of fishing hours it was still a much better day to have the tournament than the originally scheduled March 24th date when we received 6 to 8 inches of snow the night before. For the first half of fishing hours the wind was at tolerable levels and fisherman were able to fish most of the areas that they wanted to.

Fishing was good for most of the field, with 15 teams catching lots of 11-13 inch crappie but finding the kicker fish was tough for most of the field with not many fish topping the 14 inch barrier.

Topping the field was the Topeka, KS team of Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein with 8.59 lbs. and the big crappie for the tournament of 1.55 lbs. The team said they fished brush piles in 10-15 feet of water using 1/4 oz. jigs. With brown/chartruess & purple/chartruess being their best colors. The team took home $758.00 for there day of fishing. Congratulations!

Coming in second was the Louisburg, KS team of Ruth Ross & Greg Graham with 8.56 lbs. The team caught their fish in the standing timber in 5 to 10 feet of water, the team said they caught many fish over 12.5 -14 inches but couldnt catch any game changers. They fished 1/4 oz. jigs using Gone Fishing Turd Tail Jigs with spinners and Top Secret Jig Co. baits with purple/chartruess and green/yellow and orange/chartruess being their best colors. The team took home $333.00. Congratulations!

Coming in third was the Benton, KS team of Bob Thomas & Bill Ketterman (filling in for Jim Bybee) The team weighed in 8.39 lbs of crappie and said they fished a combination of timber and brush piles to catch their fish. The team took home $207.00. Congratulations.

The Kansas Crappie Trail will take a break from tournaments for the 2 months with the next tournament being Tuttle Creek on Sunday August 18 come join the fun and excitement. Launch and weigh-in at the State Park Boat Ramp

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of their supporters. Gone Fishin Jigs Louisburg, KS The Bait Hut, Topeka,KS, Top Secret Jig Co. Topeka, KS, Mad Jacks Fish Breading, Kens Taxidermy, Topeka, KS, Crappie Pro, Eufala, OK, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, OK, Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey, Louisburg, KS, Sunshine Home Improvement, Lenexa, KS, Bushnell, Kansas City, Final Approach, Kansas City, Partners Printing & Copying, Louisburg, KS

Pomona Final Results                      Toal Weight / Big Crappie
1. Todd Morstorf/Gene Breitenstein                  8.59 / 1.55
2. Greg Graham/Ruth Ross                              8.56 / 1.30
3. Bob Thomas/Bill Ketterman                           8.39 / 1.35
4. Dennis Polter/Shane Eustice                         7.68 / 1.44
5. Mike Snodgrass/Darrin Rawie                       7.61 / 1.28
6.Eric & Mike Schrock                                       7.12 / 1.33
7. Lynn Beckwith/Danny Lynn                            7.06 / -- --
8. Allen McKellips & Terry Kirk                           7.01 / 1.14
9. Don Beckstrom                                              6.88 / 1.22
10. Ken Manis & Kurt Fangman                          6.82 / 1.36
11. Chris Larson & Danny Drew                          6.82 / 1.28
12. Frank Haidusek & Allen                                 6.33 / 1.01
13. Scott Wall & Wall                                          6.28 / .99 
14. Sandi Chamberlain & Will Bardwell                5.90 / 1.07
15. Andy Schrock                                                -- -- / -- --

Congratulations to first place winners, Morstorf and Breitenstein!!!

Morstorf and Breitenstein also had "Big Fish".

Congratulations to third place winners, Bill Ketterman & Bob Thomas.  R.I.P Bill you will be missed. William "Bill" Ketterman 3/10/38 - 6/24/13 

Congratulations to second place winners, Graham and Ross!!!

Clinton Lake June 2, 2013

Tournament #5 of the Kansas Crappie Trail took place at Clinton Reservoir Sunday June 2nd.

The tournament started wih teperatures in the 50's heavy cloud cover and brisk northwest winds and a lake that was getting muddier by the hour from the rains earlier in the week. With talk of 15"+ fish being caught during the week anglers were anticipating big fish and big weights at Clinton but as often happens during the late crappie spawn most of those fish had come and gone by Sunday and the ones that were still there had lost a lot of weight, were heavily stressed, beat up and thin. However one team was able to find a lot of those long crappie that were 14+ inches in length.

For the 2nd time this season Jim Bybee & Bob Thomas from Benton, KS came out on top with 10.11 lbs on their best 7. They blew away the rest of the field by over 2 1/4 lbs. and took home the big crappie with a 1.72 lber. earning nearly $919 for their Sunday's effort. The team said they fished in a heavily timbered area of the lake focusing on less than 10 trees all day they kept hitting the same trees over and over during the day to come up with the winning catch. The team said the fish seemed to reload on those specific trees throughout the day. They said they used Top Secret Jig Co's flap jack jigs to catch their fish with 1/4 oz. jig heads. Congratulations!

The second place team was the father son team of Andy & Jake Schrock from Baldwin, KS. The team said they fished in the same general area as the winning team and had a total weight of 7.76 lbs. to take home $398.00. Congratulations!

The teams started to bunch up after the top 2 teams with a tie for 3rd with 7.33 lbs and the tiebreaker being broke by the single biggest crappie. The team that did that was Terry Kirk and Allen McKellips with a 1.44 lb. tie breaking crappie. The team also fished in the same general area as the top 2 teams and took home $245.00. Congratulations!

Losing the tie breaker and settling for 4th place was the team of Mike Snodgrass and Darrin Rawie with an identicle weight of 7.33 lbs but a smaller big crappie of only 1.22 lbs. however they still finished in the money with a check for $168.00. Congratulations!

With 8 of the top 9 teams weighing in between 7.76 lbs. and 7.08 lbs it was an extremely fun competitive weigh-in. The next Kansas Crappie Trail tournament will be June 9th at Pomona launch and weigh-in at Stae Park boat ramp #2.

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of their supporters. Gone Fishin Jigs Louisburg, KS The Bait Hut, Topeka,KS, Top Secret Jig Co. Topeka, KS, Mad Jacks Fish Breading, Kens Taxidermy, Topeka, KS, Crappie Pro, Eufala, OK, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, OK, Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey, Louisburg, KS, Sunshine Home Improvement, Lenexa, KS, Bushnell, Kansas City, Final Approach, Kansas City, Partners Printing & Copying, Louisburg, KS

Clinton Final Results                   Total Weight/Big Crappie
1. Bybee / Thomas                                       10.11 / 1.72
2. A. Schrock / J. Schrock                              7.76 / 1.32
3. Kirk / McKellips                                          7.33 / 1.44
4. Snodgrass / Rawie                                     7.33 / 1.22
5. Graham / Ross                                           7.32 / 1.25
6. Manis / Manis                                             7.20 / 1.21
7. Morstorf / Breitenstein                                 7.10 / 1.33
8. Lewis / Thomas                                           7.10 / 1.23
9. E. Schrock / M. Schrock                              7.08 / 1.41
10. Stimac / Custer                                          6.52 / 1.27
11. Kraus / Gumm                                           6.07 / 1.20
12. Chamberlain / Bardwell                              5.91 / 1.02
13. Beckwith / Lynn                                         5.63 / 1.00
14. Wall / Wall                                                5.49 / .95
15. Beckstrom / Beckstrom                              4.96 / .97
16. Cevoli / Cevoli                                           4.95 / -- --
17. Sheble / Ham                                            4.87 / .94
18. Haidusek                                                  4.47 / -- --
19. German / German                                      -- -- / -- --
20. Herring /                                                    -- -- / -- --

Congratulations to first place winners, Bybee and                  Second place winners, Schrock and Schrock. 
Thomas!  Very impressive weight!  Great Job!!!                      Congratulations!!!
Third place winners, Kirk and McKellips. Congratulations!!!
Fourth place winners, Snodgrass and Rawie.  Congratulations!!!
Hillsdale Lake May 19, 2013

Tournament #4 of the Kansas Crappie Trail took place at Hillsdale Reservoir  Sunday May, 19th and the timing couldn't have been better the only thing left that was needed was good weather and we would have been looking at some excellent weights for this lake. But that was a little too much to ask as the morning started with rain, thunder and lightning and then high winds made many portions of the lake unfishable for most anglers however the weights were still better than normal for the lake often called Dinkdale. 

The rookie team of Sandy Chamberlain, Cleveland MO. and Will Bardwell, Basehor KS brought home the big check with a weight of 8.18 lbs the team said they caught their fish in 6-8 foot of water using 1/4 and 1/8 oz. jig heads with chartruess /yellow and red/ black jig bodies. The team said they fished timber on channel edges and that the bite was best in the morning but did catch fish all day. The team earned $730.00 for first place. Congratulations!

 Coming in 2nd was Gary Graham, Drexel, MO & Brendan Mick, Louisburg, KS with a weight of 7.97 lbs. The team said they caught their fish on tree rows in the flats using 1/4 oz. jigs. This was the teams first Kansas Crappie Trail tournament this year and they made it pay off with a check for $399.00. Congratulations!

The Peculiar, MO team of Jeff Lewis and Brian Thomas took 3rd with a weight of 7.77 lbs. The team came over to Hillsdale not having pre-fished but heard the bite was good after taking 3rd at Truman the day before they duplicated that placing with a good showing at Hillsdale. Congratulations

The Big Crappie award went to the Topeka, KS team of Allen McKellips & Terry Kirk with a 1.43 lb. crappie. They earned $180.00 for their catch. Congratulations!

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of their supporters. Gone Fishin Jigs Louisburg, KS The Bait Hut, Topeka,KS, Top Secret Jig Co. Topeka, KS, Mad Jacks Fish Breading, Kens Taxidermy, Topeka, KS, Crappie Pro, Eufala, OK, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, OK, Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey, Louisburg, KS, Sunshine Home Improvement, Lenexa, KS, Bushnell, Kansas City, Final Approach, Kansas City, Partners Printing & Copying, Louisburg, KS

Hillsdale Final Results                Total Wt. / Big Crappie
1. Chamberlain & Bardwell                    8.18 / 1.25
2. Graham & Mick                                  7.97 / 1.35
3. Lewis & Thomas                                7.77 / 1.15
4. Graham & Ross                                 7.45 / 1.30
5. Morstorf & Breitenstein                      7.23 / 1.25
6. Snodgrass                                         6.85 / 1.18
7. Brandon & Drew                                6.73 / 1.25
8. Niemeyer & Herring                           6.17 / 1.16
9. Schrock & Schrock                            6.08 / -- --
10. Haidusek                                         6.00 / 1.30
11. Manis & Manis                                5.77 / 1.15
12. McKellips & Kirk                             5.74 / 1.43*
13. German & German                         5.63 / 1.07
14. Stimac & Custer                             5.43 / 1.11
15. Daniel & Daniel                              4.39 / .97
16. Beckstrom                                      3.74 / .80
17. Beckwith & Lynn                           --  -- / -- --
18. Cevoli & Cevoli                             -- -- / -- -- 

 Gary Graham and Brendan Mick holding 2nd place check for $399.00.  Congratulations! 

Allen McKellips and Terry Kirk holding Big Fish check for $180.00.  Congratulations!
Mike Snodgrass holding his $50.00 gift certificate from BnM.  Congratulations!
Jeff Lewis and Brian Thomas holding 3rd place check for $248.00.  Congratulations!  
Gene Breitenstein and Todd Morstorf received 2 $50.00 gift certificates from BnM.  Congratulations!
Perry Lake May 5, 2013

Tournament #3 for the 2013 Kansas Crappie Trail season is now over. As has been the case for the last several weeks a cold front was passing through and making the fishing  extrememly tough on Perry, with earlier in the week temperatures and conditions nearly perfect for getting the spawn started another mid week cold snap spoiled the spawn like conditions and sent the fishing into a tailspin that most of the 14 teams of anglers struggled to figure out. With very few limits being weighed and mostly small fish it was a tough day to fish and even tougher to catch fish. But one team did find some nice fish and were able to cash in on those fish as they blew the field away by over 2 lbs.

Lynn Beckwith of Ozawkie, KS and Danny Lynn of Topeka,KS were the team with the magic touch on this day weighing in an impressive 7.94 lb stringer of white crappie good for a $707.00 pay out. The team said they caught their fish in 8 to 15 foot of water on small ledges in the flats close to the bottom. They said that green & white was the color of jigs that they used on 1/4 oz. jig heads. The team also caught the big crappie for the tournament a 1.61 lb. crappie for another $140.00. $847.00 total for a day fishing not bad. Congratulations!

Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein were the 2nd place team for the 2nd time in 3 tournaments with 5.79 lbs. on their 7 crappie. The team caught most of their fish fishing near the winners and said they didn't catch most of their keepers until late in the day.  The team took home $364.00. Congratulations

Taking third place was local fisherman Jim Skinner of Topeka,KS with 5.33 lbs. Jim fished by himself and recieved 2 $50 gift certificates from BnM Pole Company for his efforts. Congratulations Jim!

Taking fourth was the Louisburg, KS team of Ruth Ross and Greg Graham with 5.31lbs. The team fished brush piles in less than 8 foot of water.

Taking 5th place was the team of Sandi Chamberlain, Cleveland, MO and Will Bardwell, Basehor, KS with a weight of 4.83 lbs. they received 1 $50 gift certificate from BnM Pole Co.

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of their supporters. Gone Fishin Jigs Louisburg, KS The Bait Hut, Topeka,KS, Top Secret Jig Co. Topeka, KS, Mad Jacks Fish Breading, Kens Taxidermy, Topeka, KS, Crappie Pro, Eufala, OK, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, OK, Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey, Louisburg, KS, Sunshine Home Improvement, Lenexa, KS, Bushnell, Kansas City, Final Approach, Kansas City, Partners Printing & Copying, Louisburg, KS
                                            Total Weight Results
Team                                                                 Total Weight/Big Fish
1 Beckwith/Lynn                                                                  7.94 lbs./1.61 lbs.
2 Morstorf/Breitenstein                                                        5.79 lbs./1.05 lbs.
3 Jim Skinner                                                                      5.33 lbs./1.01 lbs.
4 Graham/Ross                                                                   5.31 lbs./1.04 lbs.
5 Sandi Chamberlain/Will Bardwell                                     4.83 lbs./.85 lbs.
6 K. Manis/B. Manis                                                             4.67 lbs./ - -
7 F. Haidusek                                                                       4.46 lbs./1.10 lbs.
8 M. Cevoli/T. Cevoli                                                            4.44 lbs./ - -
9 G. Larson/K. Ross                                                             4.05 lbs./.84 lbs.
10 Wall/Wall                                                                          4.00 lbs./ - -
11 Fangman/Lofts                                                                 2.78 lbs./ - -
12 E. Schrock/ M. Schrock                                                          No Weighin
13 Steve Cross                                                                              "        "
14 J. Lewis/S. Cavanaugh                                                             "        "
Lynn Beckwith and Danny Lynn holding a check for $140.00 for Big Fish.  Congratulations! 
Lynn and Danny holding 1st place check for $707.00.
Gene Breitenstein and Todd Morstorf holding 2nd place check for $364.00.  Congratulations!
Jim Skinner 3rd place winner holding two $50.00 BnM gift certificates.  Congratulations!
Lynn and Danny holding winning crappie.

Lynn and Danny with 1st place trophy plaques.
Gene and Todd holding winning crappie.

 El Dorado Lake April 28, 2013

The second tournament of the Kansas Crappie Trail is in the books and it was a very successful tournament for several teams as many of them broke 10 lbs. and 11 lbs. on their best 7 crappie.  The day started out fairly cool and foggy but the fog cleared the sun came out and the air and water temps rose and it was a good day to be fishing.  14 teams entered the tournament and the team that had the most success was the Benton, KS team of Jim Bybee and Bob Thomas.  They ended their day with a number of quality fish and had a weight of 11.50 lbs. with their best 7 and took home the first place trophy.  This was Jim and Bob's second consecutive Kansas Crappie Trail win on El Dorado.  The team said they fished the main lake until around 11 and only had two 14+ inch fish in the livewell at that time.  So they decided to go up the creek.  The team said they fished brushpiles in about 2 foot of water to catch their stringer of slabs.  The team said it was like turning on a light switch when the water temperature rose to 60 degrees the big ones turned on and it paid off for them as the team took home $707.00 for their efforts.  The team said they used Top Secret Jig Co's Green & Yellow Flap Jacks.  Congratulations!

The second place team was Shane Eustice of El Dorado and Dennis Polter of Topeka with 11.41 lbs.  The team said they caught their fish on the rocks in 6-9 foot of water on black and pink 3.5 inch Crappie Pro Wasshoppas and Yum Beaver Tails tipped with 3 inch minnows and said the crappie would hit the baits hard.  They also fished the same baits on the trees in the flats in 10-14 foot of water to catch some of their fish.  The team took home $364.  Congratulations!

Fishing just out of the money was the team of Tanner Cox of Maize, KS and Colton Cook of Wichita with a weight of 11.37 lbs.  The team said they caught their fish on the rocks and ledges spider rigging in 6-12 foot of water using 1/4 oz. jigs baited with Bobby Garland pink and chartreuse baby shad tipped with minnows.  This was the teams first Kansas Crappie Trail tournament and they made a good showing just a few hundredths away from the top two teams.  The team received 2 $50 gift certificates from BnM Poles for their day on the water.  Congratulations!

Finishing 4th was the team of Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein of Topeka with 10.43 lbs.  The team caught their fish in 8-12 foot of water on timber with Top Secret Bait CO. baits.  The team earned 1 $50 gift certificate from BnM Pole Co.  Congratulations! 

The Lawrence, Kansas team of Eric Schrock and Mike Schrock received the prize for Big Crappie weighing 2.10 lbs....VERY NICE FISH!!!  They took home $140.00.  Congratulations! 

                                             Total Weight Results

Team                                                                  Total Weight/Big Fish
1 Jim Bybee/Bob Thomas                                                          11.50 lbs./1.92 lbs.
2 Dennis Polter/Shane Eustice                                                   11.41 lbs./1.85 lbs.
3 Tanner Cox/Colton Cook                                                         11.37 lbs./1.92 lbs.
4 Todd Morstorf/Gene Breitenstein                                            10.43 lbs./1.66 lbs.
5 Jerry Howard/Stuart Smith                                                      10.23 lbs./2.03 lbs. 
6 Eric Schrock/Mike Schrock                                                        9.72 lbs./2.10 lbs.
7 Lynn Beckwith/Danny Lynn                                                       9.03 lbs./1.45 lbs.
8 Tim Rempe/Anna Rempe                                                          8.88 lbs./1.79 lbs.
9 John Wuthnow/Jacob Wuthnow                                                6.95 lbs./1.70 lbs.
10 Greg Graham/Ruth Ross                                                         6.15 lbs./1.38 lbs.
11 Ken Manis/Brandon Manis                                                       5.45 lbs./1.10 lbs.
12 Don Beckstrom                                                                         3.38 lbs./1.47 lbs.
13 Justin Petry/Ryan Allen                                                              no weighin
14 Frank Haidusek                                                                            "        "

Jim Bybee and Bob Thomas holding the first place               Jim and Bob holding some of the winning crappie.
check for $707.00.  Congratulations!
Dennis Polter and Shane Eustice holding the second             Dennis and Shane holding some of the winning
place check for $364.00.  Congratulations!                              crappie.
Tanner Cox and Colton Cook holding their BnM gift
certificates.  Congratulations!
Gene Breitenstein and Todd Morstorf holding their BnM gift certificate.  Congratulations!
Eric and Mike Schrock holding their $140.00 check for Big Crappie.  Congratulations!

Melvern Lake April 07,2013

19 teams entered the first leg of the 2013 Kansas Crappie Trail season on Sunday April 7th after a postponment 2 weeks ago at Pomona because of snow, weather conditions for Melvern were nearly perfect, with light winds and mild temperatures it was a perfect day for most any outdoor activity except flying kites. Most anglers welcomed the break in the weather as it opened up the entire lake for fishing. The fish however were in a bit of a funk and many teams took a zero at the weigh-in. But with good anglers everywhere on Melvern not all of the fish could hide from them and a few teams were able to find success and Melvern showed why it can be one of the premier crappie lakes in Kansas.

The Louisburg, KS team of Ruth Ross & Greg Graham took top honors with a weight of 10.92 lbs. on 7 crappie. The team said they fished in 40 foot of water and caught their fish anywhere from bottom to 25 feet down. They used a slow trolling technique using 2 BnM poles each with double jigs on each rod approx. 18" to 2' apart 1/4 oz. jig heads and mostly pastel colored jigs tipped with berkley power bait crappie nibbles. They used Gone Fishing twin turd tail jigs with spinners and Bobby Garland Baby shad for their baits. The team earned $770.00 for their efforts. The team also took home the Big Crappie prize of $190 with a 1.73 lb. crappie.

The veteran Kansas Crappie Trail team from Topeka, KS of Todd Morstorf and Gene Breitenstein took 2nd place with a weight of 9.02 lbs. earning them $422.00. The team said they fished much the same way the winning team did but just couldn't come up with those kicker fish they needed.

The Olathe, KS team of Joe Sheble and Kirby Ham took home third place and a check for $262.00. The team said they also fished the deepwater and caught their fish in much the same way as the top 2 teams. Nice job on your first Kansas Crappie Trail outing.

Finishing just out of the money was the team of Steve Cross & Orval Taylor from Carbondale, KS. Their efforts earned them 2 $50 Gift Cards from the BnM Pole Company.

Finishing fifth was the team of Dennis Polter of Topeka & James Perry of Tonganoxie, KS. They earned one $50 gift certificate from the BnM Pole Company.

Kansas Crappie Trail would like to thank all of their supporters. Gone Fishin Jigs Louisburg, KS The Bait Hut, Topeka,KS, Top Secret Jig Co. Topeka, KS, Mad Jacks Fish Breading, Kens Taxidermy, Topeka, KS, Crappie Pro, Eufala, OK, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, OK, Shelter Insurance Scott Woolsey, Louisburg, KS, Sunshine Home Improvement, Lenexa, KS, Partners Printing & Copying, Louisburg, KS

                                                                Total Weight Results
           Team                                                  Total Weight/Big Fish
          1 Greg Graham/Ruth Ross                         10.92 lbs./1.73 lbs.
          2 Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein           9.03 lbs./1.52 lbs.
          3 Joe Sheble & Kirby Ham                            7.98 lbs./1.35 lbs.
          4 Steve Cross & Taylor                                 7.78 lbs./1.38 lbs.
          5 Dennis Polter & Perry                                 7.14 lbs./1.18 lbs.
          6 Don Beckstrom                                           6.87 lbs./1.46 lbs.
          7 Lynn Beckwith & Danny Lynn                     6.23 lbs./1.50 lbs.
          8 K Manis & B Manis                                      6.18 lbs./1.36 lbs.
          9 Bybee & Thomas                                         6.18 lbs./1.23 lbs.
          10 A Schrock & J Schrock                              5.64 lbs./1.18 lbs.
          11 M Cevoli & T Cevoli                                   5.58 lbs./1.38 lbs.
          12 Sandi Chamberlain & Will Bardwell           3.17 lbs./1.30 lbs.
          13 Larson & Piper                                           2.74 lbs./1.25 lbs.
          14 M Schrock & E Schrock                              no weighin
          15 R German & H German                                "       "
          16 Larson & Drew                                              "       "
          17 McDonald & Holland                                     "       "
          18 Mike Barry & Sara Barry                               "       "
          19 Kirk & McKellips                                            "       "
Greg Graham and Ruth Ross holding the first place check for $770.00.  Congratulations!
Todd Morstorf & Gene Breitenstein holding the second place check for $422.00.  Congratulations!
Joe Sheble & Kirby Ham holding the 3rd place check for $262.00.  Congratulations!
First teams out of the money, Steve Cross, Orval Taylor and Dennis Polter with their $50.00 BnM gift cards.  Congratulations!
Graham & Ross holding some of the winning crappie.
Todd & Gene holding some of the winning crappie.  Good weight for such a tough day.
Joe & Kirby holding some of the winning crappie.  Great job on your first tourney with Kansas Crappie Trail.
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